Service offering

1 January, 2013

Filed Under: Investment Services

Are you set up to track your investments online?  If you’re curious as to how your investments are performing and do not currently have access to our new Personal Financial Website, click here to contact our office so that we can have you set up to be... Read More

Why Dollar Cost Average?

1 January, 2013

- What is Dollar Cost Averaging?  Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy that involves putting a fixed amount of money into an investment on a regular basis, regardless of market conditions.  This strategy usually allows an investor to take advantage... Read More

Notes From Shawn - I am poised between looking back at the past year - and looking forward to the new year

1 January, 2013

Once again, I am poised between looking back at the past year - and looking forward to the new year, which is just beginning to unfold.  I am reminded that there is much to be thankful for. Fifteen years ago, I joined my father’s practice. My father has... Read More

Market commentary 2012: The Healing Process Continues

1 January, 2013

Global financial markets provided strong returns in 2012, despite a litany of negative headlines about government debt problems in Europe and the United States and the slowing pace of growth in many regions. In the end, the global economy has continued... Read More

Product offering: Manulife Advantage High Interest Savings Accounts

1 January, 2013

Filed Under: Retirement Planning

We are happy to inform you that we have a new banking product that we’d like to offer: the Manulife Advantage high yield savings account. With interest rates currently at 1.65% for Canadian savings accounts and 2% for TFSA cash accounts, Manulife’s rates... Read More