Notes From Kieran

1 October, 2013

Well, I wasn’t able to make it out to Strathcona this year. My boss keeps my desk pretty full, and the hikers I traditionally go with were not able to make it. I had to get by on hiking our more local mountains like Mt. Arrowsmith, Mt. Moriarty, and Mt... Read More

Notes From Shawn

1 October, 2013

Fall is that season when we traditionally celebrate the harvest, and at the same time, bunker down for the approaching winter. For me, this means bedding down the garden, preserving the left over fruits and vegetables, packing up the barbeque and reacquainting... Read More

Market Review: To Taper, Or Not To Taper

1 October, 2013

Dominating North American news headlines in the third quarter of 2013 have been the various issues regarding US monetary policy. Was the Fed going to cut back the stimulus or raise interest rates? Would they be able to avert a default and resolve -- or... Read More

MER - Why the Variance in Cost?

1 October, 2013

Filed Under: Retirement Planning

This variance will depend on the type of product as well as the platform it is being offered on. Here are two of the primary reasons you may see a noticeable difference in cost:   Some funds are simply less expensive in their operational expenses than... Read More

Tax Planning For Non-Registered Investments

1 October, 2013

As we near the end of 2013, this is a good time to do a review of your tax situation in regards to non-registered investments. While it is generally a good idea to defer taxation as long as possible, there are circumstances in which it can be beneficial... Read More

Insurance - Getting Started

1 October, 2013

Insurance reviews are part of the financial planning process, particularly as insurance needs will change. You may also have insurance coverage that you purchased from other providers that may or may not be the right coverage for you. Over this next year... Read More